Umrah Guide

A Complete Umrah Guide with detailed information on How to Perform UmrahUmrah is the one of the most auspicious moments in the life of every Muslim to perform the prayer. It is considered as once in a lifetime experience and everyone should make at least
once. Even Prophet mentioned: Between one Umrah and another is absolved of sins.He also mentioned: Performing Umrah in Ramadan, is as rewarding as the one performing Hajj with me. Umrah during Ramadan is theultimate act of worship.Umrah can be performed throughout the year, however performing during Ramadan is considered the holiest of all. Umrah takes around three hours, and anyone looking to perform Umrah in a more convenient manner, we suggest to perform during off season at Makkah and Madinah, which is usually less crowded. This will allow the pilgrims to worship more conveniently.
  • Bath: Taking bath is extremely important and holy before beginning Ihraam.
  • Clothes:  Men are adorned with white clothes, wrapping around the waist.Women are permitted with normal dress, without wearing gloves and Naqaab
  • Footwear:  All footwear are permissible without covering the ankle.–Hair: Hat or Turban is prohibited.
  • Perfume: Perfume is only allowed before making any intention.

Reaching Meeqat, you must make intention for Umrah by chanting the following words:

AllaahummaLabbaykaUmrah , Which means “O Allah, I am here to make Umrah”

The endless number of tourists arrive by flight to Jeddah. Without assuming Ihraam, passing the Meeqat is not allowed. Hence it is advisable to recite Talbiyah in a loud voice. Once you gaze eyes upon Maqqa, you must stop Talbiyah and recite the following words:

LabbaykAllahummaLabbayk, LabbaykaLaaShareekaLakaLabbayk, InnalHamda Wan-ni ‘mataLakaWalMulkLaaShareekaLak

Entering the Masjid al-Haraam
Entering the Masjid from BaabBaniShaibah is advisable. Entering any mosque with right foot must be approached with following words:
Bissmillaah, wassalaatu was-Salaamu ‘alaarasoolillaah, a ‘oodhubillaahil ‘adheem, wabiwajhihilkareem, wasultaanihilqadeem, minashshaytaanirrajeem. Allahummaftahleeabwaabarahmatik
Seeing Kabah, you must raise your hands and recite the prayer:
Allaahummaantas salaam, waminkas salaam, fahayyinaarabbanaabis salaam
Performing the Tawaaf
While performing Tawaaf, you head straight to the Black Stone and recite: Allahu Akbar. It is followed by touching the Black Stone, kissing it and doing Sajdah. However, if you are not able to perform, you should just point towards the Black Stone with right hand. This ritual is performed at the initiation of each Tawaaf.
Tawaaf begins by walking around the Kabahfrom your left. You should follow the same routine, whenever you reach the Black Stone and also make Sajdah. Seven rounds are needed to be completed. It is advisable to walk and not run.
Every time, you reach the Yemeni corner, you must touch it with your hand. If not possible, pointing towards it is not allowed. At the same time you should recite:
Rabbanaaa atinaa fiddunyaa hasanatau wafilaakhirata hasanatau waqinaa adhaaba nnaar
After completing the Tawaaf
After completing Tawaaf, you must cover bothshoulders and move to the station of Ibrahim and recite:
You should perform two rakaat prayers at the station of Ibrahim between oneself and Kabah. During first and second Rakah, SoorahKaafiroon and SoorahIkhlaas is recited in succession. Care must be taken that you should not hamper anyone performing the prayers.
Follow to Zam-Zam with drinking the water and pouring over the head.
Return to the black stone and touch it saying:
Allaahu Akbar
The next stop is to the Safa. Upon reaching Safa, one must recite:
Innas-safaawalmarwata min sha ‘aa-irillaah. Famanhajjalbaitaawi’ tamarafalaajunaahaalahianyatawwafabihimaa. Wa man tatawwa’akharanfainnallaahashaakirun ‘aleem
And :
Nabda ‘u bimaabadaallaahubihi
Now climb the Safa, till the Kabah is visible. Facing Qilbah, you must recite the following words 3 times.
Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar. Laailaahaillallahuwahdahu la shareekalahu, lahulmulkuwalahulhamdu, wahuwa ‘alaaqulli shay in qadeer. Laailahaillallahuwahdahu, anjazawa ‘dahu, wanasara ‘abdahu, wahazamalahdhaabawahdahu
On completion, you must step down and head to Marwa, which is followed by between the green lights. When you reach Marwa, follow the same procedure and recite the following
Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar. Laailaahaillallahuwahdahu la shareekalahu, lahulmulkuwalahulhamdu, wahuwa ‘alaaqulli shay in qadeer. Laailahaillallahuwahdahu, anjazawa ‘dahu, wanasara ‘abdahu, wahazamalahdhaabawahdahu
This is the completion of first round, now continue to Safa. Repeat the whole ritual with a total of seven times with the last one on Marwa.Cutting or shaving the head is advisable. Women also must shorten their hair, even a little bit.
Hence, Umrah completes

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