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These Terms and Conditions serve as an agreement between the User (You) and Global travelwide Ltd T/A Ontime Hajj & Umrah. When you use this website for any reason, including booking, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You are advised not to interact with any part of this website if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions. Kindly address your concerns to info@ontimehajjumrah.com.


User Agreement

The term “booking” covers products and services which may be offered on our website, through email, phone calls, or any of our social media channels.

A “contract” refers to a transaction that includes a booking, full payment, and acknowledgment or verification from Ontime Hajj & Umrah.

All products and services offered on our website, via email, phone call or social media channels are subject to availability.

Note that you are subject to the terms and conditions attached to the specific service or product you opt for, including flights, hotels, lodges, or a combination of these services.

Ontime Hajj & Umrah acts as an agent for third-party services like hotels, airlines, and packages holiday suppliers, among others.

Ontime Hajj & Umrah advises all prospective travelers to take out insurance for every package or flight. Where there are circumstances that are beyond our control, neither Ontime Hajj & Umrah nor the travel supplier will accept liability.

Booking A Flight

 You are also bound by additional terms and conditions of specific airfares. Some tickets like “economy restricted” are not flexible and so you cannot change the airfare or request a refund.

Flight tickets must be used in the manner set out in the terms and conditions. It is important to pay particular care to the first stage of the flight as failure to use the airfare within the stated period could invalidate your entire journey. While some airlines require a minimum check-in time of not less than 3 hours before departure for international flights and not less than 2 hours for domestic flights. Some airlines require a 72-hour confirmation of your return flight ticket or the result is a cancellation.

Airlines reserve the right to make changes to your booking including canceling both unconfirmed and confirmed bookings.

Ontime Hajj & Umrah shall bear no liability for such schedule changes or cancellations, however, we are willing to provide what reasonable assistance you may need through our customer support services.

A confirmed booking does not guarantee you any specific seat as your seats will be allocated on departure.

Should any costs be incurred during transit between airports or terminals, Ontime Hajj & Umrah will not be held liable.

Be aware that when you book a flight with discount prices or at a lesser price, they may not follow the most direct route. Also, there might be a need to switch aircrafts mid-journey. A direct flight is one where the passengers remain on the same aircraft that they board at the beginning of their journey till they arrive at their destination. Although there is no change in aircrafts mid-journey, there may be stops for refueling or for passengers to board or disembark. Times are based on the 24-hour clock system, they are approximated and focused on outbound flights.

A direct flight is one that retains its flight number through the journey although there might be stops along the way for a change of aircraft. These are not the same as nonstop flights, which have no layovers or connections. They do not stop until they reach their destination.

A nonstop flight is one that travels nonstop from the airport of departure until it reaches its final destination. There are no stops for connections or layovers, unlike with direct flights which are required only to have the same flight number for the duration of the journey even though the aircraft might change mid-journey.


Taxes are included when you book flight tickets or accommodation.

There is also the option to include a frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programs you might be a part of. Kindly note that these are subject to the terms and conditions of the programs and the rewards might be limited to certain classes of service. Contact the airline frequent flyer or hotel loyalty program to which you are signed on for more information.

Where special requests such as meals, child seats and facilities for the disabled have been offered by any of our Travel Suppliers, such requests will be passed on to the relevant companies. However, we make no guarantee that they will be available.


When you book a flight ticket, you have the option of both an e-ticket or a paper ticket. Kindly be advised that airlines have their terms and conditions which govern e-ticketing. Kindly be check with each airline to be sure of their terms as we will not be held liable for any breach.

Your details

The information you provide is deemed to be correct therefore we shall not be liable for any paper tickets which go missing as a result of an incorrect address, this also applies to an e-ticket that gets lost because of a wrong email address or the settings on your spam email.

Kindly inform us promptly if any of your relevant details change. This includes your email address, postal address, or phone number. Also, be sure that the name you provide matches that on your passport.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be alerted within 48 hours. If that is not possible, we will arrange a refund or provide an alternative. Should you choose an alternative that costs more than your original choice, then paying the difference will be your responsibility. Kindly be informed that you might be required to make your booking number or confirmation email available to the agent. This will serve as evidence of your booking.


The terms below are applicable to the products and services provided on our website, email, or phone number. Although you may cancel or modify your booking of any travel product or service, it is important to note that this may only be carried out according to the terms and conditions of the relevant airline or hotel. Some services and products may not be cancelled or modified until certain requirements are met.

To find out what flight bookings can be cancelled or modified, kindly contact us by telephone or send an email to info@ontimehajjumrah.com.

Where a reservation is cancelled or modified after confirm ticket is issued, there is an admin charge of £45 per ticket. Kindly note that where there has been a no-show for a flight, the ticket will be non-refundable (Airline rules & policy apply).

Also, if you choose to change or modify a flight booking close to the date set for departure, then we strongly recommend that you inform us via telephone and get a verification via email before the departure date of the original flight.

Changes of Flights

If your flight gets cancelled, your rights and compensations lie under the airline’s carriage conditions. If a change in the schedule occurs to your route before we get a receipt of the full price for you, or before the issuance of a ticket (of either the return or outbound flight) we will do our best to let you know about the carrier’s behalf.

Passengers will be able to change the date in case of a schedule change or flight cancellation +- 3 days depending on flight availability. Please note if you wish to change out of these days, you will be charged an admin fee of £45 plus if there is any fare difference.

Deposits on flight tickets:


Kindly note that the deposits paid on your flight tickets are non-refundable. Should you choose to cancel your trip, we shall not be responsible for refunds. Also, once your ticket has been issued, it becomes non-refundable if you choose to cancel. Kindly be aware that we shall not be obliged to refund a hundred percent of your deposit if you cancel after your ticket has been issued and confirmed.

Ensure that your passport has a validity of at least 6 months before you apply for any of the travel packages.

For Umrah, we will forward your passports to the Saudi Embassy in order to obtain your visa. However, we will not be held responsible if you are not granted a visa for any reason.

Please be aware that visa costs could vary with a difference between the time you make the booking and the time you apply for a visa. You will be required to make up the difference if there is an increase.

Kindly note that where your visa is denied, we will request a cancellation of the flights and hotels booked. While we will refund whatever we are able to receive from the suppliers, under no circumstances are we obliged to provide a full refund.

Note that hotels listed on our website, emails, and social media channels are subject to availability. Where your choice is not available, a hotel in the same price and comfort range will be provided. However, be aware that where a similar hotel is not available, there might be a slight price difference which you will be responsible for.

Again, we are not obliged to refund any deposits, however under some circumstances, it is possible to make one if we receive a refund from the supplier. Also, note that the Umrah Package is non-refundable in case of a cancellation.

Kindly expect to receive your tickets no later than 24 hours after your payment has been processed. Depending on varying Rules and Regulations of different airlines, tickets might be non-refundable just before and after departure. Confirmed hotel bookings are also non-refundable and once confirmed, cannot be changed.

Ontime Hajj & Umrah is not legally liable for any death or personal injury where it is not caused through any fault of our staff, agents, or travel suppliers. In the case of international travel by air, sea, or rail, our liability is limited to the provisions prescribed by relevant international conventions.

If Ontime Hajj & Umrah is in any way legally responsible for a direct loss, our liability shall be limited to a maximum of the whole price of services or products upon which the claim is being made, except for where death or personal injury occurs, in which case there shall be no limit. This does not apply to any indirect loss or any loss that may occur as a result of the manner in which you make use of our website or our products and services.

Important issues to consider if you are going for Hajj with the Shifting Hajj Package


It is important to note that both Aziziah and Sheesha are basic standard buildings that have no rank. So, though you might be going to hajj on a 5-star package, if you do stay in the Aziziah or Sheesha buildings, you need to know that they are standard basic.

It is also necessary to note that whether you book a double, triple, or quad sharing accommodation if you are staying in the Aziziyah, you can expect that there will be between 5 to 6 people in one room. The kind of room sharing you paid for does not take place until you get to the hotels in Makkah or Medina.

Kindly note that Hajj is a busy season therefore there might be some issues regarding cleanliness with the toilets in Aziziyah. Feel free to get in touch with the group leader to resolve these issues.


The accommodation in Mina is usually European tents. Although these tents have air conditioning and sofa beds, there are usually between 40 to 60 people in a single tent.

The walking distance between the European tents and Jamarat is about 20 to 25 minutes, depending on your pace.


In case of any inquiries or complaints in relation to your booking or departure, kindly get in touch with our customer support team. for complaints regarding a Travel Supplier or hotel stay, kindly log a formal complaint with the Travel Supplier in question before you return. For inquiries and complaints about your booking at the time of your stay, do get in touch with our customer support team within 30 days of your return. Do remember to include your booking reference and all necessary information. Should we require further information, we will need you to provide that in writing as soon as possible. This is necessary for the quick resolution of the problem.

Customer Behavior

You have a responsibility to act in a way that is law-abiding and does not cause offense or constitute a risk to life and property. Inappropriate behavior which gives rise to offense or risks the life and property of others will result in a cancellation of your booking in which case, we will no longer be responsible for you, nor will you be eligible for refunds, compensation, or any form of costs which may arise as a result of such cancellation. Also, you will be held responsible for any expenses we incur because of such cancellation and held liable to reimburse us.

Terms and Conditions

The information we provide on this site is subject to availability. We do not accept any liability because of the way you use our site or if there is any interruption or if you are unable to complete a transaction. We make no warranty that our website has no viruses or anything else that may incur loss or damage.


The information provided on our website is for your information and direction. We reserve the right to change any part of the site or its content as well as our suppliers, database, or features. Kindly confirm with the relevant authorities, embassies, tourist information offices, or the destination to be sure of the information.

We also do not guarantee that the information regarding passports, visas or requirements for vaccinations is up to date. You have the responsibility to find out and comply with all the relevant requirements. We do not in any way guarantee that this website is free from errors or omissions, and this includes prices, dates as well as descriptions. We will however do our best to correct such errors and omissions within a reasonable time when we are notified.

Terms of Use

When making use of this website, you agree to the following obligations:

That you are 18 years of age or older with legal capacity.

That all the information provided by you, or your family is factual and accurate.

That you accept financial obligation for transactions carried out under your account or name.

That you will not use our website for any false, speculative, or fraudulent booking.

That you will not in any way transmit any material that is defamatory, racist, political, pornographic, or unlawful in any way.

That neither the site nor any of its content may be modified, sold, reproduced, distributed, or modified by you in any way. We also reserve the right prohibit access to our website without notice.

Third Party Links

Our site may contain links to third-party websites; however we do not make any guarantees about the accurateness or quality of the information in these sites, neither can we ascertain the veracity or quality of the sites that link to these third-party sites. It is important to note that we have no control over the third-party site and the information contained therein bears no reflection on the information, products, and services provided by us. Kindly get in touch with the support services of these websites for any inquiries or concerns.


Ontime Hajj & Umrah owns the copyright and all proprietary rights to the website and the content. The material belonging to third parties is the intellectual properties of the third parties and nothing in these terms and conditions confers on you the right to use any of the trademarks. If any provision or content on our website is in breach of your copyright or intellectual property, do get in touch with us and we will do our best to take it down as soon as it comes to our notice.


We shall do our best to protect your privacy as set out in our terms and conditions. Your private information will only be shared with our affiliates and third-party suppliers only when necessary and in line with the products and services we provide. We may also use your information to send you emails or postal mail that contains information about your booking. Please note that we will only use your details in the manner you have signed up for and approved. Be assured that we shall never sell or give out your private details for any financial gain or in any manner that is contrary to the provisions of our terms and conditions. We might contact you occasionally with special offers and promotions, but you are free to opt-out of such services if you would rather not receive such information.

Force Majeure

Kindly be advised that in case of a force majeure, we will not be obliged to pay you any form of compensation, neither will we be held liable for any loss you may incur because of a cancellation, modification, or change to your travel arrangements if it is due to circumstances that are reasonably beyond our control. These circumstances are often referred to as an Act of God and may include, but are not limited to civil unrest, the threat of war or war, terrorism and its effects, industrial disputes, which may include troubles with Air Traffic control, fire, flood, natural disasters, pandemics and epidemics, nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, unavoidable and unforeseen technical problems with transportation, shutdown or lockdown of airports or ports and any such events that may be out of our or our suppliers’ control. It is also important to note that advice from the Foreign Office advising against visiting a particular country or leaving the country may also amount to a Force Majeure. Kindly visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for recent news and updates including travel advice. Also check local news channels and sites as well as passport and visa information. Please be aware that this information or advice can change at any time and without notice so kindly pay regular visits to the Foreign and Commonwealth site up until your scheduled departure date.


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