OnTime Hajj and Umrah is a leader in providing the services of Hajj and Umrah Travel Packages. Our services are considered to be top class in the UK, with varieties of deals and discounts offered for Hajj and Umrah. Our goal is to provide a flawless experience on the tour of Saudi Arabia at the most affordable rates.

Hajj is the most auspicious pilgrimage in the world. It is believed that all the sins of your life are atoned, once you make a journey and ask forgiveness of Allah. Our main aim on the Hajj Packages is to the highest level of quality services to the customers without compromising the comfort. We have different customizable packages for the aspirants, who want to try out different options.
Rather than tour operators, we consider it to be the provider for noble services to our clients by offering some of the most affordable and quality Hajj and Umrah tour packages.

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    • I cannot describe in words how these guys have helped me out at the last minute. After previous travel agent messed up my booking 3 days before leaving I realised I didn’t have any hotels booking although I had paid for it 6 months ago. I thought we might not be going and it was completely devastating for the family. After approaching these guys quite reluctantly it seemed too good to be true that they were able to get me the hotels I wanted and at a cheaper price as well within the day.

      Mohammed Miah

    • Just returned from umrah over the Easter with Ontime Hajj and Umrah. The guys were very helpful throughout and very knowledgeable could not fault them. Was pleasant and without stress or worry the whole journey there and back. In addition they went out of there way to provide extra services and accommodate wherever they could to the request of group. For example expedition to Taif, expedition to climb Mount Hira and arranging additional trips such as National DATE factory.

      Mo Mohammed

    • I traveled with Ontime Hajj&Umrah with my family back in April and Alhamdulillah from start to end the team here in London and Saudi were professional and A’s quest of Allah they done everything in there hands to make it easy for us and an memorable experience. May Allah swt continue to guide these brothers provide barakah in their business and continue to be a path of happiness providing a beautiful service to future hajis inshaAllah.

      Aarifah Rahman

    • My family and I have used Ontime Hajj and Umrah twice now Alhamdulillah to perform Umrah. Firstly, we were a huge group on both occasions (30+ people). Our needs were met both times as were all requirements from hotel location to travel arrangements. Service was amazing!! If you are looking for good travel rates and do not want the hassle of comparison, check out Ontime Hajj and Umrah Services who will ensure your needs are all met IA.

      Rehana Begum

    • An outstanding hajj and umrah group; extremely helpful and always around to aid the pilgrims. I do recommend do your own research, as the group does give you information, but realistically cannot deliver a full hajj course which is not really their job, but many people going hajj expect a full hajj course which is not possible; however they do answer all questions and do cover basic hajj rites.All leaders were fantastic, helpful and very patient.

      Shafalia Younis

    • Went to Umrah in april with my family and on time Hajj. They were so welcoming and helpful and everything they could do they would do to help . Would highly recommend and may Allah swt continue tonl provide us with Honest merchants and travel agebts such as these brothers Moklis Bhai Moulana Belal and the brothers situated in saudi.

      Mohammed Islam

    • I went umrah twice through this agency and both times the service was amazing and very hospitable. The transfer to and from airports were easy & the tour guide through this agency was also kind and friendly. I will definitely recommend and would go again in shaa Allaah.

      farhana anjum

    • Was very impressed by the service and Everything I was told about the company through its description was certainly delivered to my standards. In’shaa’Allah if I ever do have the opportunity to perform Hajj or Umrah I will definitely choose this company to travel with and I highly recommend them.

      S Miah

    • Alhamdulillah me and family just got back from umrah. This was our first time using on time and I cant thank them enough. May allah increase their business and help them to deliver great service always. Brother Mokhlis thank you for all your efforts may allah reward you. Brother abdul halim bhai may allah accept all your efforts and reward you with jannah inshallah. I would highly recommend this travel agent. I will inshallah use in the future.

      Hussain Ahmed

    • My family and I have been using other travel agencies for long the experience we had with Ontime Hajj and Umrah has outperformed the others by far. The only regret is that we didn’t discover this agency sooner. Brother Mokhlis was very helpful in every step of the journey. Any concerns or queries we had, he made sure he attended to our needs straight away and made it his priority. His team also in Mecca and Madinah shared the same supportive mindset & excellent service.

      Hafeez Hussain

    • I booked my family umrah package with Ontime Hajj & Umrah Alhamdulliah brothers looked out well for us not only in UK but in Saudi too. I wanted to say huge thanks to brother Zaharia for making our umrah possible with zero to none headache of traveling issues or transfer between Makkah to Madina.  Hotel was 5* with amazing package prices which I couldn’t get off anyone.  I came to brother Zak via friends referral and Alhamdulliah my experience was great.

      Haroon Hussain

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